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Hinterlander House Rules

  • No smoking/vaping of any kind allowed. 

  • No firearms are permitted to be discharged on Hinterlander property or anywhere within the Linville Mountain Acres community. 

  • No parties, gatherings, or events -- this is a gated community and visitors are not permitted -- only the overnight guests that are specified on the rental agreement are permitted access to Linville Mountain Acres community.  

  • No fireworks or pyrotechnics of any kind are permitted at Hinterlander (or within Linville Gorge Wilderness or Pisgah National Forest FYI).

  • No trash left outside -- all trash must be kept inside the house or placed in the property's Bear Box.  

  • No ATVs, dirt bikes, or other off-road vehicles may be used on the property or within the Linville Mountain Acres community.

  • Do not flush wipes or hygiene products -- Hinterlander has a septic system -- please prevent damage and toss items in trash.

Hinterlander's Loft

Linville Mountain Acres HOA Rules

  • Quiet Time - Quiet time is 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Sounds project louder and farther on the mountainsides, so care should be taken when having conversations outdoors at any time.

  • Smoking - There is no smoking allowed near the mail house, dumpster or in any wooded areas.

  • Pets - Owners, renters, and guests are to control their pets so they will not be a nuisance to others.

  • Wildlife - No feeding of wildlife mammals for any reason. All pet food should be kept secured from access to wildlife at all times and trash kept locked indoors.

  • Hunting - No hunting is allowed within Linville Mountain Acres.

  • Parking - No parking on road shoulders and easements where two cars cannot safely pass each other. The HOA is not liable for any damage to any owner’s personal property. 

  • 20 MPH - The speed limit is 20 mph within Linville Mountain Acres. Abide by the road rules: no speeding. 

  • Uphill Right of Way - Traffic going downhill must yield to traffic coming uphill. Both drivers are expected to slow down and pull off the road as much as possible; however, the driver going downhill should position their vehicle to stop if necessary to prevent the uphill driver from needing to stop.

  • Snow/Ice Removal - The HOA will arrange for snow/ice removal at its discretion. Owners, guests, and tenants assume full responsibility for any and all damage and accidents, which may occur due to/during inclement weather.


We thank you for respecting our
neighbors, wildlife, and forest.

Trees at Hinterlander
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