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Hinterlander in Autumn
The fiery colors of sunset in Autumn are the
most spectacular blaze in the mountains. 
Help us protect Pisgah National Forest. 

BEFORE You Light a Fire: 

Please check the Fire Danger level in Pisgah National Forest to see if there are any fire warnings or restrictions in place. Even in a contained/controlled space like Hinterlander's fire pit, checking with USDA Forest Services website (link below) is a good idea.

Vintage Smoky the Bear Poster

Wildfire Safety

Linville Mountain Acres HOA warns, if you become aware of a fire on the mountain, you should:

  1. immediately call 9-1-1 and report it 

  2. begin to exit Linville Mountain Acres (take your dogs!)

  3. notify neighbors as you go.  


Being fire-conscious while staying in the mountains is just common sense. Extra care must be taken to avoid a fire situation that can easily get out of hand given the natural accumulation of dry debris found in wild areas such as the Linville Mountain Acres community located in Pisgah National Forest.

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