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Living with Bears

Pisgah Poster

Hinterlander is located within Pisgah National Forest and borders the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area -- and Black Bears are a part of the natural wildlife within our gated community. 


However, unlike guests like you, the Black Bears that visit Hinterlander do not book a visit online before coming. So, to ensure everyone can safely enjoy a Black Bear sighting, we encourage each of our guests to review the resources and/or BearWise Fact Sheets below so all guest knows what to do when/if you spot a bear or one stops by -- kids too!  

We've also provided some great videos about these amazing creatures to share with the whole family.  

Cub at Hinterlander

A curious cub who stopped by Hinterlander's patio in June 2022 was caught on camera by a very excited guest. 

The cub paused long enough to pose for several shots including this one by a doodle for a Hinterlander sign. 

Maybe we've found a spokesbear!

Hinterlander Logo


Fun Facts & Frolicking Bears 

For little kids 2-102 ...  (2 min)

Wonderful frolicking bears! (3 min)


Useful Info & History 

Tips on Black Bears (1/2 min)

Great intro to living with Black Bears (9 min)


BearWise Tip Sheets



Dog Safety with Bears
dogs and bears

Buck, Hinterlander's Canine Host
Recommends Using Caution -- Always


Only bear I tangle with is a plushie.

Sierra Club Bear
dogs and bears
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